Putting it into practice - the habit of justice

Ruth Jacob

Ultimately, only the transformation of the creation, brought about by Jesus's death and spearheaded by his resurrection, can and will completely put right everything that is wrong.  And looking forward to that spurs us on to act in a way that reflects that justice, as much as we can.

There are a lot of suggestions on this page, but please don't be overwhelmed and give up: you can start the habit of justice in a small way and build on it.  If you form even one beneficial habit or persuade someone else to do so, you will be making a difference.

There is an extensive list of LINKS at the foot of this page.

Products you can trust
Below are examples of goods which are often produced or traded in unscrupulous ways, with humane alternatives:   

Coffee with a Fairtrade mark (shown right) such as  CafeDirect, Freedom Coffee.

      MaX Havelaar

Tea with a Fairtrade mark such as Clipper, TeaDirect

Chocolate, drinking chocolate and cocoa with a Fairtrade mark such as Traidcraft, Divine, and some Green and Black products


In the UK, the Co-op sells packets of fair trade bananas, and other supermarkets are starting to make them available  


Fairtrade, Netherlands (you can email in English)

Rugs and carpets with the Rugmark 


Traidcraft (UK) and Fair Trade Coffee Store (USA) now sell footballs

soccerball2.jpg (19270 bytes)

Ivory, tortoise-shell, crocodile skin and other 'luxury' animal products

Buy something different - there are plenty of exotic, even unique, products being sold through fair trade channels


The Ethical Consumer can direct you to outlets in the UK
Fairtrade Naturals
Blue Sky in the Morning
'No Sweat' Campaign at



We need to be aware of the very poor working conditions in many gold mines.  If you know of any producers or certifying organisations that can be trusted in this way, please let us know, so we can add the information to this website.



Information about a campaign to avoid profit from diamonds we buy financing warfare at

We also need to be aware of the very poor working conditions and disregard of human rights in many diamond mines.  If you know of any producers or certifying organisations that can be trusted in this way, please let us know, so we can add the information to this website.


Please let us know of any other fair trade brands and their products, so we can add them to the list.


Other ways you can help

Shop on the Internet for gifts produced under equitable conditions in poorer countries (this is a great way to get exotic gifts)

Alternative Mall

Shop locally for gifts produced under equitable conditions in poorer countries



Ask family and friends for gifts which have been produced equitably and encourage them to buy such products for their own use

Write to local supermarkets and their headquarters, asking them to sell goods carrying a Fairtrade mark

Write to manufacturers which use raw materials from developing countries, asking them for assurances that they will buy justly and only from producers known to have humane practises

Choose fairly traded groceries when you are out shopping. Ask for them if you don't see them - both for specific products and generally for fairly traded goods

Support reputable organisations building equitable exchange programmes

Buy from companies that don't distribute infant formula in developing countries

More info on this unscrupulous method of accumulating wealth and how to combat it

Links to some human rights/ethical/fair trade websites, many of which have online catalogues and campaigning


News and Campaigning

African Market (unique African handcrafted products - jewelry, apparel, and home accessories)

Alternative Mall

Blue Sky in the Morning (clothing)

Cadeaux du Monde (an eclectic array of decorative and wearable art and handicraft from America, the Caribbean and South Pacific)

Deepwater Pottery (their fair trade section)

Divine fair trade chocolate (based in UK)

Dubble fair trade chocolate with added Comic Relief (based in UK - new crispy crunch chocolate bar)

Equal Exchange (fairly traded, gourmet organic coffees from Latin America and Africa)

The Ethical Consumer can direct you to outlets in the UK

The Fairground (The Lake District's premier suppliers of fairly traded tea and coffee)

Fair Trade Coffee Store (coffee, preserves, snacks, wild rice, soccer balls)

Fair trade directories (UK)

Fair Trade Imports 

Fairtrade Naturals (clothing)

Fair Trade Online (fair trade materials site developed by Fair TradeMark Canada and Fair Trade Organisatie)

Fair Trade Organisatie (a Dutch site with some English)

Fishtale (based in UK - gifts from around the world, including wedding stationery)

Freedom Trading

Ganesha (based in London - home furnishings and artefacts from India)

Global Exchange (shop, campaigns, reality tours)

Global Marketplace (Find places to purchase Fair Trade crafts, clothing, and jewelry)

Global Partnership (trade fairs for fair trading organisations from all over the world)

The Green Chronicle (earth-friendly and fair trade products and news)

HeadWaters International Inc. (specialise in gourmet coffees and other agricultural products, including Peace Coffee)

Just Fairtrade Ltd (Leicester, UK - exclusively fair trade shop)

Just Shoppers Guide (NZ)

Khatsa & Co (award-winning Tibetan sauces, condiments, candies and teas)

Latitude Zero Imports (USA - fairly traded goods/supports sustainable development) 

Latitude Zero Imports (products ranging from hand woven shawls to fragrant soaps)

MGD Imports

Novica (a wide range of hand made arts, crafts and household goods from many parts of the world)

One Village (working with craft based cooperatives and community enterprises in India, Bangladesh, Philippines)

One World is Enough (Clothes, Crafts and Gifts from around the World)

Out Of This World (food and other goods)

Oxfam Fair Trade Online (for UK mainland)

SERRV (unique gifts from over 35 developing countries, including coffee, candles, baskets, ornaments and jewelry)

Sustainable Harvest (based in Portland OR, USA - unroasted organic coffee importers)

Ten Thousand Villages (handmade goods)

Traditions Fair Trade (Folk art products from more than fifty countries)

Traidcraft (goods include crafts, fashions, foods, beverages, paper and cards)

WorldStitch (Household goods, clothing and gifts)

Amnesty International (human rights awareness, campaigning, particularly about political prisoners, torture, refugee treatment, indiscriminate weapons of warfare)

Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud (AFXB) (involved in 17 initiatives involving children's rights, health and human rights and pediatric HIV/AIDS in 13 countries)

Big Issue (a news and current affairs magazine written by professional journalists and sold on the streets by homeless people)
Center of Concern (campaigning and information in many areas of human rights and economic justice)
Comprehensive Human Rights Initiative (an attempt to promote equal protection of human rights for every individual member of the human species)
Ethical Trading Initiative (a coalition of high street retailers, trades unions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), supported by government)
Fairlist (An active and well established mailing list)
Fair Trade Federation (US - association of fair trade wholesalers, retailers, and producers)

Fair Trade in the News

Global Exchange (shop, campaigns, reality tours)

Global Partnership (trade fairs for fair trading organisations from all over the world)

The Green Chronicle (earth-friendly and fair trade products and news)

GreenNet (networking for the environment, peace, human rights and development)
The History of Fair Trade - Buying and Selling of Product (An overview of what fair trade is, with its history and benefits, and further links to help you get more involved. Thank you, Bella, for this link.)
Human Rights (Extensive news site on human rights issues around the world)
Human Rights Interactive Network (human rights and humanitarian relief - guide and directory)
Human Rights Internet (empowerment and education on human rights issues and the role of civil society)
Human Rights Net Home Page (a platform for human rights organisations and networks)
Human Rights Server (human rights news and campaigns)
Human Rights Watch (news and campaigns)
The Hunger Site (one click per day to donate food - free to you, paid for by advertisers)
International Federation for Alternative Trade (a federation of producers and "alternative" trading organizations)
International Gift Faire (human rights and fair trade event held every October in San Jose, California)
The Landmine Site (one click per day to donate time for assistance to a landmine victim - free to you, paid for by advertisers)
OneWorld Online (dedicated to harnessing the democratic potential of the internet to promote human rights and sustainable development)
Oxfam (UK)

Oxfam (Ireland)

Shelter (UK based - working for everyone to have a decent home)
Slavery (follow-up of Channel 4 television documentary on present-day slavery)
Third World Traveler (extensive site on democracy, human rights and social and economic justice in the Third World, and in the USA)
United Nations Scholars' Workstation (developed by the Yale University Library and the Social Science Statistical Laboratory - subjects include disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, and population and demography)
World Development Movement (based in UK - human rights campaigns)