The Society of God
The core of Jesus' message was the good news that the Kingdom of God was at hand.
God was acting in history to bring about an utterly new, unprecedented reality, that would overturn the status quo and liberate all people from the dehumanizing oppression of vertical relationships; domination of the powerful over the powerless; and challenge the exclusivistic relationships based on family, clan and religious sect.

Although the coming New Society of God was called a kingdom, the kingdom of God is completely unlike all other kingdoms; because God is "Wholly Other" (radically different) from all conventional ideas of kings, emperors and gods.  In Jesus Christ God has revealed himself not as a cosmic potentate, sitting upon a heavenly throne, ruling from on high over his subjects; rather he is Emmanuel (God with us).

He is the servant God who is compassion personified.  He feels the pain and loss of those who are victims of the oppressive rule of the powerful, and He takes up their cause to stand besides them and give His life so that they may have authentic life.   In this way,  the leavening influence of the Spirit of Jesus is even now transforming the world into the Society of God.  Not through coercion and power, but by the willingness of free men and women to lay down their lives for their fellows.

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