One-Way Street

Dave Farcas

"I am the way ... no one comes to the Father except by me" Jesus (John 14:6)

This is how I understand that quote. There is absolutely no way or path from man to God: not any religion (including Christian), belief system or enlightenment. However, there is a way or path from God to man. It is the long, narrow path that God as Jesus of Nazareth, walked; alone, and finally forsaken by all. The path that lead to the cross on Golgotha, is the way (path) of God to man, to everyone - the entire creation. It is the sovereign will of God to overcome all sin and death. But His will is not enacted through almighty power, but through the non-power of self-emptying love on the cross. The inexhaustible and irresistible love of God will overcome all the powers that threaten and oppress His creation. His love will overcome ourselves (sin) and transform all of us into real human beings: Jesus who is the Human One and the image of the one true God. Yes, Jesus is the life (he lays down his life for all); he is the truth (the embodiment and image of the one true God); and he is the way (of God coming to man).

I believe that the way or path between man and God is a one way street. It goes in one direction from God to man. Jesus Christ (the Word or Act of God) performs that act of God coming to man. I see creation and salvation as one in the same. At creation in the beginning God created the universe by an act of self-limiting love. By creating the universe God redeemed it from the nothingness (creatio ex nihilo) We, of course, did not contribute or participate in the act of creation in the beginning. The act of creation was exclusively the act of God for us. We are the beneficiaries of His act of creation.

God desires to dwell in His creation, to make it His home. God is love and needs us to respond to His love, to requite His love. We do this by loving one another just as Jesus loved (giving His self unreservedly to others). So in that sense there is a response to God, a "way to God" if you like, but it in no way places a condition or qualification on the unconditional grace of God in Jesus Christ. What God has done through Christ for us can not be undone. God's sovereign will can not be thwarted or resisted forever, because His will is based on His inexhaustible and irresistible love - the self-emptying love of Jesus on the cross.