Where is God Now?

Where is God when an innocent child is abused and tortured to death; when a person is afflicted with a terrible, agonizing illness; when millions are consumed by the Nazi holocaust?  Is God on a heavenly throne working from a grand plan, manipulating these horrific and tragic events as a means to a greater end?

The answer would be yes if one accepts the image of the omnipotent, omniscient, impassiable (cannot suffer or die) god that is a projection of man's desperate desire for an orderly and secure universe.  But such an abstract, theistic god cannot answer the cries of  real flesh and blood victims who are suffering in the world.  Such a god is no better then a mute idol of stone.  An idol made of religious dogma and fanciful ideas that cannot answer the cries of the suffering: "Where is God Now?"  Where is God in the face of the pain, despair and dehumanizing injustice that plagues the world?

God is not in the high lofty places, nor in the still tranquility of a self-satisfied, inner, spiritual bliss.  God does not stand aloof in transcendant immutability (unaffected by the plight of others) beckoning us to come to Him via paths of spiritual enlightenment and religious rigor. As if salvation is acheived by the fittest: those who believe enough, are pious enough or are virtuous enough.

No, God does not stand off expecting lost, burdened, despairing individuals to make their way to Him.  Rather, He Himself, takes on the full burden and responsibility of making the way to us.  That way is the road walked by Jesus of Nazareth.  The long, narrow road that he walked amongst us; and finally, alone, to  the Roman cross on Gologtha.  On the cross of Jesus, God has come to where we are: into the godforsaken gutters of this world to become Emmanuel (God with us).  He is with us in our darkest moments; when we are overwhelmed by the desolation of loneliness and despair; when we experience life as a living death (hell); when we feel abandoned by god--or even believe there is no god to abandon us.

Where is God Now?  He is here, hanging on all of the "crosses" of  the world.  He is here making our pain His own and in return is pouring out His life--to the last full measure of His being--to heal and make whole a broken, wounded world; to transform it into the New Creation, where God will forever be Emmanuel (God with  us).

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