The Lower You Are, The Closer God Is.

Ruth Jacob

People were always coming to Jesus to be healed, to learn, just to be near him - but there were a few to whom Jesus deliberately went himself.

One was a man who'd been lying by a pagan healing pool for years because he was the one who had no one to help him into the water when it was disturbed so he could be healed. . Jesus chose to go to the one who not only was disabled but also lonely and uncared-for, and gave him health and hope.

People would bring to Jesus relatives who were insane or demonised. . Yes, he freed them, but when there was a man whose condition was so severe he had been totally abandoned by everyone, Jesus insisted on a night crossing of Galilee, when he was exhausted and a storm was brewing, to get to him and set him free.

Then the people who had died - Lazarus, Jairus's daughter, the son of the Nainite widow - surely completely beyond hope!It was Jesus who went to them to raise them.

Yes, he was available to others, but he went to special lengths to be with those who didn't have the ability to help themselves.

Jesus died in the way reserved for the lowest, the worst, despised and abandoned, and right next to Gehenna, the place of shame, disease and despair.

He hasn't changed one bit.Be assured: the lower you are, the closer he is to you.

Bible references (not exhaustive):
John 5:2-9, Mark 4:35-5:15, John 11:1-44, Mark 5:22-42, Luke 7:11-15.