A Woman's Place is in God's Heart

The Good News would not be complete if it failed to address half of humanity.  Jesus said, "He who made them from the beginning made them male and female" (Matthew 19:4).  The message of Jesus Christ coming into the world is good news for everyone, and women are included in this.

Despite enormous strides towards equality between men and women, women still have a rather different place in society and in the family.   And this respect for women has been most pronounced in societies which, whether or not overtly Christian, admire Jesus and the ideas he expressed.  In other words, it is one of the many signs we have that God's spirit of compassion and humanity is active in the world.

So-called "women's issues" are matters which affect all of us, no matter who we are; but they do affect women first, and more profoundly.  We suggest that God has something to say to the particular circumstances women find themselves in.

Jesus and Women


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