The Coming of God

The western world's orientation toward the future and its faith in progress, is derived from the eschatological hope of the Hebrew prophets, and the fulfillment of that hope in the self-revelation of God in Jesus of Nazareth. This perception of a linear view of time, moving towards an unprecedented new future, was a radical departure from the prevailing perception of life: the fatalistic turning of the "Wheel of Life", (birth, death and rebirth).

History was only a dreary repetition of the status quo; that locked people into predetermined roles.  There was no hope for the destitute and the oppressed--the 'nobodies' of society.  No possibility of being liberated from the futility of earthly existence.  All one could hope for was to escape the world by achieving some sort of transcendence through a series of rebirths (reincarnations), or through the oblivion of death.  One was ultimately left to fend for oneself in a heartless world of survival/salvation of the fittest.

But in Jesus Christ the truth of reality is revealed to be radically counterintuitive to man's perception of the way things are.  Rather than us going to God  (heaven), or the ultimate reality (i.e. Nirvana), God is coming to us.  Our  hopes are not fulfilled through spiritual enlightenment or the achievements of human progress.  We do not go to our ultimate destiny as individuals, but rather ultimate reality comes to all of us--the entire creation--solely by the initiative of the humane and compassionate God; who identifies with the poor and oppressed, and freely gives His life to redeem and transform the universe into the New Creation.

The coming of God is not doom and gloom, the pouring out of God's wrath on the world culminating in the eternal damnation of 95% of humanity.   It is not God's apocalyptic 'final solution', as popular Christian eschatology would have us believe.  Final solutions are associated with the likes of a Hitler, they have nothing to do with the God revealed in Jesus Christ.  The God, who in the godforsaken death of Jesus on the cross, stands in solidarity with the godless and the hopeless--to bring life to all the victims of evolution, history and death. 

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