Bible doesn't make sense?  No worries!  Here's the real issue
The Good News of Jesus Christ, Not The Bible

  Ruth Jacob

The Bible contains all sorts of things which, however correctly they are  translated, contradict each other. But that doesn't matter. That's because the Bible is a witness to the good news about Jesus, not the ultimate truth.

 When the apostles went out to tell people the good news about Jesus, they  never said, "believe all the Bible/Tenach/Torah and you will be saved."   They said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved."

 What does this mean?

It means a total trust and confidence in the person that Jesus is:

Lord - this means that he gets what he wants, i.e. the  salvation of the whole creation; it also means that he is the one we pay attention to, rather than Moses, prophets, Greek philosophers, greed-generating advertisements, televangelists, etc., etc.

Jesus - this means "saviour," or "Jah   (I AM or I WILL BECOME WHAT I WILL BECOME) saves".  So it is he who saves, not the Bible, nor our faith in it - or actually  us at all in any way: we are not "co-saviours", he alone is the saviour:

I AM became mortal, vulnerable to death, pain and suffering as we are,
I AM became injured and damaged to make us whole,
I AM became poor to give us true riches,
I AM became a man of sorrows to wipe all tears from our eyes,
I AM became sin to make us righteous,
I AM became rejected as the lowest of the low so that even the lowest can have real, concrete hope,
I AM became dead to give us life.
Christ - or Messiah - meaning "anointed", a sign of God's special choice, and indicates his uniqueness.  He is uniquely the one who came from God, uniquely the one who demonstrates the real nature of God, and uniquely the one whose death could bring life into the world.  In his resurrection, too, he so overcame death and the process of dying that he was the first to possess not only the unconditional love but also the indestructible life which will one day saturate every part of creation.

The death and resurrection of Jesus, God's ultimate act of self-sacrifice, gives us a solid hope based on more than wishes for heaven or tales of disembodied souls.  Jesus's death poured God's life into the world; his resurrection  was the start of that life becoming a reality in the world.  It was the resurrection of someone who had been condemned to death as a dangerous troublemaker, betrayed  by a friend, deserted, disowned, humiliated, disfigured, cursed, without reputation, who had lived with nowhere to lay his head and now died without even anywhere to plant his feet.  He had been a refugee, an outcast, accused of heresy, blasphemy, madness and demon possession, and was seen to mix with all the wrong people.

Seeing that it is people like this with whom   I WILL BECOME WHAT I WILL BECOME chose to identify, we know that there is nothing and no one so low or so bad as to be beyond  the reach of his love and rescuing hand.