Animals are "Human" too

Animals are human too?  A ridiculous assertion?  Not if we define 'human' both more rigorously and broadly then is commonly done.

It is taken for granted that being human is synonymous with being a member of the species, Homo sapiens sapiens--in other words us.  If you have the DNA of Homo sapiens you are automatically assumed to be human. But being human is far more than having the right genes.

Being human is reflecting the image of the humane and compassionate God. The God who empathetically experiences the pain of others as His own and in response empties/gives himself completely to overcome the conditions and circumstances that have oppressed and dehumanized the victims of injustice, evil and death.

We don't need to speculate about what being truly human is; we need  look no further then the first authentically human person to live on the earth: Jesus of Nazareth.  In Jesus, God has revealed the truth that to be divine is to be truly human.

In Jesus we see the concrete expression of the human God in the way Jesus perceived others and in his actions towards them and for them.  Jesus was decidedly other-centered rather then self-centered in his outlook; to such an extent that he completely identified with others: He experienced their pain and suffering as his own.  He was so focused on  liberating them from their dehumanizing circumstances and healing them (making them whole persons), that he selflessly gave his life so that they could experience the authentic life of God.  He was truly free because he was free from himself (self-concern, self-preservation, self-aggrandizement) and therefore was free for others. So free in fact, that he had the indomitable courage to take his obsessive other-centerdness to its climactic conclusion: experiencing the dereliction of the cross in solidarity with all the godless, godforsaken victims of evolution and history.

This act of supreme self-sacrifice was the complete self-emptying of the creator of the universe, giving the last full measure of His being to his beloved other--us and the entire creation.  With the dawning of the New Creation--that began with the resurrection of Jesus--the irresistible, reality transforming presence of the Spirit of Jesus has been acting as a subversive leaven transforming the universe.  Not through overt acts of domination and power, but through the same acts of non power: compassion, selflessness and laying down one's life for the other, that Jesus embodied on the earth 2000 years ago.

The Spirit of the Human One is wild and free like the wind, it blows where ever he wills, often in the most unorthodox and unexpected places.   The transforming, creative power of the Spirit is found among all creatures not just Homo sapiens.  The evidence for this appears to be sporadic and anecdotal but there are unmistakable signs that something remarkably new and unprecedented is occurring among the inhabitants of the earth.

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